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How do I print a map?

Follow these steps to print a map in PDF format.

Open the Mapbook Wizard

  • In the top menu bar, click on the 1map Mapbook button, which looks like a small book. This opens up the 1map Mapbook wizard in a panel to the left.


Mapbook button & wizard

  • To open up a list of all completed or current print jobs, click on the Print Jobs button in the bottom left corner of the wizard panel.
  • To proceed to the printing options, click Next.

Mapbook - next

Complete the following fields:

  • Type in a descriptive name such as the name of the area that you are printing. This will enable you to find and download the print file again in future if you wish to, or send the link to someone else to print.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.23.09
  • Select the paper size that you want the map to be generated and printed on. This will depend on your printer capacity, and your specific needs.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.08.44
  • Select the resolution that you would like to print at. 75dpi conserves ink levels, but reduces the quality of the print. 150dpi is the recommended setting for printing maps up to A0 size. 300dpi can be made available depending on your subscription level, but is only really beneficial when producing high quality publications.

resolution 1
  • Select the scale of the map that you would like to produce. This will depend on how large an area you would like to print, and the size at which the individual features will display on the printout. This will affect the number of pages that will be printed.

  • Select whether you want to print only urban areas, or the entire selected area. This would be useful if an entire district is to be printed, but if you don’t want to print all the farms and rural areas as well.

    Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.04.32

    Choose the area that should be printed

    There are three options for choosing the print area:

    Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.10.33 

    1. Selected Feature Extent (Default)

    The print area is determined by specifying criteria within a selected spatial layer.
      • Choose a Layer from which you will specify criteria. 
      • Select a feature from which your extent will be determined. 
      • Pro Tip: Start typing in the selection box to search for options.

    2. Visible Extent

    The print area is determined by the current view on the PC screen.
      • Select the radio button next to the Visible Extent option.

    • Move the view on your screen until you are satisfied with the area displayed, as this is the area that will be printed. You can change the view that is displayed by panning, zooming, or even resizing the accordion menus.

    3. Selected Extent

    The print area is determined by a selection area drawn on the screen.
    • Select the radio button next to the Selected Extent option. An orange block will appear, with orange lines that divide the block to indicate the number of pages that the area covers at the selected paper size and print scale.


    • Resize the block by clicking on the orange circles on the corners of the block, and dragging until satisfied.

    Once you have selected your preferred extent option, click the Next button.


    Choose your map layers

    • Review the layers that you would like to be printed. Add or remove layers if you want.
    • Take Note: Google layers are proprietary and may not be printed.

    Choose a base layer

    You can select a base layer for your map from the following list:

    Mapbook base layers

    Click Next.

    Complete the print job & download 

      • Click Done to start generating your print job.
      • You will receive an e-mail when the print job is ready for download. The e-mail contains a link where the PDF can be downloaded, and this e-mail can even be forwarded to other persons to download the PDF document.

    • After clicking on Download, the download should appear in the bottom of your browser window.
    • To open it, click on the small black arrow next to the download and select “Open with System Viewer”.



    You have now successfully printed a PDF map using the 1map Mapbook tool!