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How to use the 1map interface

Get a better understanding of the various panels that make up the 1map interface, and basic navigation.

The 1map interface has been designed to be easy to use, with as few as possible clicks necessary to get to what you need to do. The basic elements are the map window, toolbars, property pane, layer pane, and data panel.

Overview video:


  1. Pan (move around) the map by clicking anywhere on the map, holding down your left mouse button and moving the mouse around.


  1. Zoom in and out by clicking on the plus or minus buttons in the top left corner of the map window, or in the vertical toolbar below the plus and minus buttons.
  2. Zoom in to a specific area by hovering over the area and scrolling the mouse wheel forward. To zoom out, scroll the mouse wheel towards you.
  3. Another way of zooming into a specific area is to hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard, click and hold down the left mouse button, and drag a box around the area you would like to zoom into. Release the mouse button to zoom to the area.
  4. To zoom to the full extent (i.e. the whole of South Africa visible at once), click on the globe button in the top toolbar, next to the binoculars.
  5. To go back to a previous zoom extent, or forward to a previously displayed zoom extent, click on the arrows in the top toolbar.



  1. On the left and right of the map window, are two accordion menus: “Search” and “Layers”. Open a section by clicking on the heading (e.g. “Property Info”). To close the accordion menus, click on the small arrow in the heading bar that points to the outside of the screen or click on the blue bar itself.
  2. To open them back up, click on the arrows that now point to the inside of the screen or click on the blue bar itself.
  3. To toggle between the various sections within the vertical menus, click the appropriate tag at the bottom of the menu. Left and right panel tags are: