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What is the LPI Code / SG21 Key?

The LPI code, also known as the “SG 21 key”, is the unique reference number of a land parcel, almost like the ID number that every person is issued with.

Allotment Number: Digits 1-8

The first eight digits together make up the allotment number. This can be split up further in a major and minor region code as follows:

First 4 digits: Major Region Code

The first four digits are called the Major Region Code, and are made up as follows:

The first digit signifies the SG Office Code (C/T/F/N), still relating to when there were only four provinces (Cape Province, Transvaal, Free State, and Natal).

The second digit is a placeholder and is always zero.

The third and fourth digits refer to the Farming Registration Division code.

Digits 5-8: Minor Region Code

The next four digits are called the minor region code and refer to the SG Township. This is an incremental number that is assigned per office.

When dealing with farms, the Minor Region Code will always be four zeros ('0000').

Stand Number: Digits 9-16

The stand number is an eight digit incremental number that is unique for each allotment number.

Portion Number: Digits 17-21

The portion number is a five digit incremental number that is used when farms or stands have been subdivided.