Property Information

What you see on 1map is not just a picture, but a visual representation of data. We make it easy to access the most frequently used property information.

Information Displayed

  • Address
  • Photo of property (if available)
  • Allotment number
  • Stand number
  • Portion number (if applicable)
  • Size (square metres or hectares)
  • About The LPI Code
    The LPI code, also known as the “SG 21 key”, is the unique reference number of a land parcel, almost like the ID number that every person is issued with.
        The number is made up as follows:
      1     SG Office Code (C/T/F/N)
      2     Zero
   3-4    Farming Registration Division (eg IT)
   5-8    Township (incremental; zero for farms) 
  9-16   Stand number (8 digits)
17-21   Portion number (5 digits)