Searching for a Street Address

This method uses the 1map National Address Dictionary (NAD) to process your query.

  1. In the Search Panel, in the "Search:" dropdown box, choose "Street Address".
  2. Enter the street address that you wish to search for.
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Pro Tips!

  1. 1map's search does not use fuzzy logic (like most online search engines), but rather uses an exact match algorithm. If you cannot find the address you're looking for, try stripping off some of the text, like the "street/road" or the number.
  2. Refine your search by adding Province Codes:
    EC: Eastern Cape
    FS: Free State
    GT: Gauteng
    KZ: KwaZulu-Natal
    LP: Limpopo
    MP: Mpumalanga
    NC: Northern Cape
    NW: North Wes
    WC: Western Cape

Did You Know...?
The 1map National Address Database is South Africa's most reliable and current dictionary of street addresses linked to the unique property ID assigned by the national Surveyor General. It was purpose built for high-accuracy geocoding.