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Searching for Survey Diagrams

Sometimes you can't find what you're looking for by selecting the property on the map. But with 1map, you can also search for specific diagrams by SG Key or Document Number. Noting Sheets can also be accessed using the Document Number search.

  1. To search for an SG Diagram, open the SG Diagrams tab (second subtab from the left) in the Search Window.

  2. Navigate to and click on Manual Search in the middle of the wizard, the Manual Search window opens up.

  3. You are given two options to search by, they are SG Key and SG Doc No.


Search by SG Key

  1. If you select the SG Key option, select the province from the dropdown menu, enter the allotment and stand number and then you can optionally enter the portion number and farm name. 
  2. Click Search.
  3. Choose the diagram in the results window you wish to download by clicking on the icon Download-Diag-icon1-1 next to it.


Search by Document Number

If you know the SG Doc No and wish to search using that, select the radio button next to SG Doc No, select the Province from the dropdown list and enter the SG Doc No and click search.


The diagram appears in the Preview window. To download, view the diagrams in the Results window, (the tab to the right of the Manual Search tab where you entered the SG Doc no). Choose the diagram in the Results window you wish to download by clicking on the icon Download-Diag-icon1-1 next to it.

Search for Noting Sheet

Use the above search using SG Doc No radio button and enter the province and Noting Sheet number you wish to find. it will appear in preview and can be downloaded in the same way as an SG Document.

SG Diagram Downloader 

Click on SG Diagram Downloader 

It is important to note that you will need to have selected an address or have filled in the Province, Allotment number, and  Stand number before clicking on SG Diagram Downloader.

SG Diagram Downloader


Once you have clicked on SG Diagram Downloader the screen below will appear 

Read the instructions and Click Next



There are three options for choosing how you want to download your SG Diagram:

Once you have selected the opinion you want, click Next



Click on Done to start your SG Diagram Export job


This screen will appear after clicking on Done


Once you click OK, Click on SG Diagram Downloader

Click on SG Diagram jobs 

Here all your SG Diagram jobs will be displayed, Click on the download icon SG7


After clicking on Download, the download should appear at the bottom of your browser window.