Choosing the search method

There are a variety of ways in which users can search for the property or area that they are interested in.

In the Search panel to the left on your screen, select an option next to "Search:" in the drop-down list.


The different options are:


1map Street Addresses:

Street number and street name search.

Search by street address

Erf Number:

The technical stand number as assigned by the Surveyor General.

Search by stand number


A building or complex.

Search by building name


A farm or farm portion.

Search by Farm name

City or Town:

A city or town.

Search by city or town


A suburb within a city or town.

Search by Suburb

Google Street Addresses:

If all else fails - search via Google.

In the drop-down, choose "Google Street Addresses". Enter the address you are searching for in the Street Address field. Choose the address to focus on from the displayed result list.